Our mission is to empower people with hope, helpful tools and ongoing support so they will feel informed, equipped and motivated to meet their challenges and live fulfilling productive lives. 
Our desire is to directly impact the lives of people with afflicting mental health disorders living in our community by preventing disease and promoting healthy living. 
Our goal is to connect these individuals of all ages with resources, programs, health care and out reaches to assist with transition, obstacles and life challenges. 
We are able to do this by providing services that address immediate and long term human needs in areas of mental health, substance abuse, addictive behaviors, homeless, domestic violence, and poverty. Our goal is to empower individuals and show love in a variety of ways.  We want to reach our large and ever growing population of individuals with mental health disorders to provide resources for medical care, counseling, substance abuse, youth empowerment, physical, mental, cognitive and spiritual awareness training and educational programs. ‚Äč